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     Human hair
     synthetic hair

Hair Wefts

     Human Hair
     Hair wefts sewing prices

Clip in Extensions

     100% Human hair REMY
     Imitation human hair
     Mixed natural hair with keratin fiber

Hair Extensions

     100% Human hair
     Imitation - Synthetic
     Mixed natural hair with keratin fiber


     Human hair
     Imitation - Synthetic


     Human hair
     Imitation - Synthetic

Bangs (Fringes)

     Human hair

Hairpieces - Closures

     Human hair
     Imitation - Synthetic


     Accessories for hair wefts & extensions
     Accessories for Wigs
     Accessories Hair and Beauty
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    Wigs, Wefts, Extensions | DigiBeauty
In DigiBeauty® will find a wide variety of products to give length and volume to your hair at competitive prices!
  • We offer clip in hair extension (human hair or imitation) in styles: Straight, Curly or Body wavy ready to place them (you can place yourself - no need professional skills or experience).

  • Click on the tab «Tips» to more easily decide on what extension is the most suitable for you.

  • Hair Extensions with Keratin in style Straight, Body wavy and Curly or Clip on hair extensions.

  • Ponytails Ponytails (human hair or imitation) in style Straight, Body wavy and Curly ready for application (the application is very easy and you can make it yourself). See also the braids (natural or imitation).

  • Clip in bangs (fringes) with which you can change your hairstyle or to enhance the density at the top of your head (also very easy to apply yourself).

  • Hair pieces (ready hairstyles) which easily put yourself in one moment.

  • Wigs (Human or synthetic) for medical or fashion use.

Use the application «Create your look» upload your photo and try online our wigs or see yourself with long or short hair, straight or curly hair, etc. and find out the best hairstyles for you!

In all products will find a detailed description, available colors to choose from and application instructions and care. 

You can make your purchases online 24 hours a day wherever you are.

We ensure that credit card payments are safe through secure banking page.

We deliver all over Europe with registered mail or courier service(see the shipping costs).

For orders outside Europe countries or any other question please contact us at info@digibeauty.eu

Replacement policy - Returns: We accept refund or replacement product, provided that the product was not used and contacting us within 3 days of receipt of the product.

  DigiBeauty store in Thessaloniki
  DigiBeauty store in Athens (Dafni)
  DigiBeauty store in Athens (Marousi)
  Ponytail application GXP11-175
  Applying 3 clip on extensions (neck - ears - temples)
  Ponytail application
  How to apply ponytail hairpieces with tieback
  How to apply clip on extensions (5 clips)
  How to apply clip on extensions (3 clips)
  How to apply clip on extensions (4 clips)
  Hairdo with clip on extensions (3 clips)
  How to apply clip on fringe (code FR1)
  How to apply clip on fringe (code FR3)
  How to apply clip on side fringe (code FRP)
  How to apply clip on fringe (code FRΤ)
  How to apply postis with tieback (code PBR)
  How to apply postis with tieback (code P05)
  How to apply postis with tieback (code P02)
  Applying FunBun
  Hairpieces for thinning hair or alopecia
  Turban with bangs for hair thinning or hair loss
  Turban with hair weft for hair thinning or hair loss
  Brush for quick detangling

  Tips below ... select below your style  

Very short hair
Short hair (frame hair)
Haircut with tipped hair
Hair in shoulder length
Medium length hair
Long hair
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